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March 22, 2016

Mark on Public Pulse with Kim Love

Discussion about fiscal and budget issues on Public Pulse with Rep. Mike Madden.

March 15, 2016

Sitdown with Sheridan Press

Sitdown with Sheridan Press publisher Steve Woody on the 2016 budget session. 

March 03, 2016

Bill discussion with Sheridan Media

Recapping the 2016 legislative session.

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HB 80: Community Colleges

Sheridan College and the Northeast Wyoming Community College District are one of our area's strongest assets, and it's been exciting to watch the impressive growth they've seen over the past few years. During my time as chairman of the college board in Sheridan, we were forced to go to the legislature every year to request a supplemental budget in order to handle or react to increases and decreases. HB80 puts a formula in place that will reduce the immediate impact of enrollment changes on these schools.


Like most across the state, eucators are facing tough times. As a member of the Education and Revenue Committees, I promise to continue working hard for Wyoming's education system and to help be a fiscally responsible steward of our states finances.

HB 70: Trail access in the Bighorns

The beautiful scenery and outdoor opportunities provided by the Bighorn Mountains are a big part of why many people choose to live in Sheridan. This legislation helps ensure trail access to the Bighorns.

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